eXodus Joy: 29

I am turning 40 this month and I have been reflecting on my life. I don’t think it is coincidence that I feel a stronger sense of purpose this year, with the start of Xtraordinary Joy foundation.  Forty is a number that is used many times throughout the bible to signify a period of time, like 40 days or 40 years, and represents a period of testing or judgement and then the fulfillment of promise.

I think, what if, my last 40 years I have been like the Israelites Moses led in the mass Exodus out of Egypt, “wandering the wilderness”.. and now I am seeing the Promised Land for the first time. what if the wandering is the key here. I haven’t exactly stayed the course these 40 years. Like the Israelites, I may not have kept my focus on the joy and instead got lost in grumblings. And like those blessed people, I have gotten to see some pretty significant miracles that have wakened my purpose and direction lately. I would say they felt like burning bush-type of miracles. The kinds that help shift focus to Joy.

I don’t sense that entering my Promised Land nor the next 40 years are going to be restful or easy. I have signed up for a lofty mission. But practicing Joy will definitely help me make the next steps in this journey.

When I looked up “forty” in my bible search field, a few verses actually really spoke to me. In the Message version I like to read, several times in Judges it says, “The land was quiet for forty years.” In other versions that quiet means rest and peace. Then if 40 years is the period of time, then a change is coming this year, right. Less peace and rest and quiet. Now my husband wants to know how I have been quiet ever. Ha ha. But really, if my life has been at rest these last 40 years it is about to rise up and make some noise now. I am thinking Xtraordinary Joy type of loud, like shouting my eXuberant JOYful noise.

Join with me, friends. Let’s shout our joy. Let’s discover this together, what it means to make a Joyful noise in Xtraordinary ways. I know it isn’t easy to show your silly, joyful side sometimes. I know it is out of my comfort zone to ask for help and ask you to join us in spreading joy. But that’s what my 40th birthday plight is. Stretch with me folks. Watch this video and then make your own video of what joy looks and sounds like to you. Make it as silly or loud as you want. And don’t forget to challenge others and share the gofundme site. We need all the help we can get to get this started. Thank you so much, friends.

Please join with me in donating to the start of our foundation.https://www.gofundme.com/xtraordinaryjoy